Earth Friendly Portland Picture Framing, Vancouver WA Custom Framing

We're pleased to introduce new, more environmentally-friendly picture frames into our product line at Beard's Framing Framing. These include frames made from self-renewing, sustainable sources like bamboo, moulding with organic water-based finishes and more. Here are just a few of the "green" choices you have:

Artique FSC Certified Matboard: The presence of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo certifies that the materials used to produce the product were sourced responsibly. Every entity that touches the product - from the logger to the distributor - must be FSC certified.

EcoCare Photo and Wall Frames: The new EcoCare line of beautiful wall and tabletop frames are entirely Earth friendly - even down to the packaging they come in! EcoCare uses only materials and components that have a high recycled content or come from renewable resources.

BonanzaWood moulding: a select stock of perfectly engineered composite wood, with a very smooth, fine-textured surface was conceived as an affordable and renewable wood source. By choosing BonanzaWood - and indirectly supporting its massive recycling effort - our customers effectively keep hundreds of thousands of mature trees standing.